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English Cream Golden Retrievers

Here at Heartland we only breed the best of the best. We breed for quality and not quantity.  Each parent is vet check before each and every breeding. We complete artificial insemination creating a better and safer litter for both parents.


  • All puppies would come with AKC limited registration on a spay/neuter contract

  • Puppies come with age appropriate de-worming and vaccination.

  • All puppies come with a microchip in place and activated.

  • All puppies come with a free 30 health insurance from the AKC

  • All puppies come with an AKC pedigree.

  • Not only do you gain a healthy puppy you also gain the Heartland family for life!

  • All parent are OFA certified for Eyes, Heart, Elbows and Hips.

  • All parent are genetically tested for all breed related hereditary diseases.

  • I am a vet recommended Breeder producing healthy bloodlines and puppies.

  • You would receive a number of photos and updates so you are a part of you puppy from the day it was born. There are a number of time where photos would be daily and guaranteed weekly.

Depending on your location would determine if there would be a delivery fee or not. The cost of the puppy would be $3,425.00. There is a $1,000.00 deposit ONLY after you would receive a contract read it and have it notarized. Then it becomes a legal binding document and protects you and I both. We do offer a payment plan that is mutually agreed upon.

We do offer a military discount! In addition due to the pandemic we are currently extending a discount to all Law Enforcement, Medical and First Responders with proof of affiliations. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO PROVIDE PROOF TO QUALIFY FOR THE DISCOUNT!!

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