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Guardian Home Breeding Program

     Here at Heartland Creams, we pride ourselves on giving our dogs the best life possible! That means providing them with loving homes first and foremost. We also love to be able to share some of the experiences we have with others. Here at Heartland Creams, we conduct a serious screening process for a few local families to be able to participate in our “Guardian Home” breeding program.   If selected, this would allow the Guardian home to acquire one of our exceptional breeding females, without having to purchase a purebred dog upfront.

     Have you ever dreamed of owning an English Cream Golden Retriever? Have you thought about getting a pure breed top-notch dog? Have you ever wanted to be a part of something bigger? Now maybe your time!

If you are one of the select few chosen to become a Guardian Home to a female dog from Heartland Creams, there are a few steps that would take place. First, the dog must become two years of age and passes all of the appropriate tests and become OFA-certified. Secondly, when the time comes, and your female dog reaches her heat cycle she will come to stay here at the home base of Heartland Creams for a few days. During the time that she is here, she will undergo certain tests, in addition, to meeting her sire that will complete her courtship during her time with us. Once her time is finished here, she will return to you during her pregnancy.

     A week before the delivery of the pups, also known as “whelping” she will yet again come back to Heartland Cream’s home base for the delivery of the pups. You are more than welcome to come and witness the beautiful life that is being birthed at that time. Also, she will remain here with her puppies until approximately they are six to seven weeks of age.  During that time you are welcome and encouraged to visit. After approximately 6 to 7 weeks of age, the puppies will then be weaned and she will then return home to you.

     This process is completed generally between four to six litters. This obviously depends on how the dog handles the pregnancy and delivery process. For every successful litter of six or more puppies, you the guardian would receive a monetary value of $1000 for each litter. Once the time comes when she has completed her breeding program, your only obligation would be to spay her, and then at that point, she would then be signed over to you and live happily ever after with you in your home.


     Some requirements include but are not limited to, a fenced-in yard, must carry pet insurance, no aggressive dogs or other aggressive breeds, and some experience with dogs.


                If you are seriously interested please complete the following link.

Complete Application Below!!

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