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Meet the Hearts of Heartland!!


Custom Carez Queen of the Night

     Nala, a 3-year-old female, is a very calm, cool, collected well-mannered lady. She is proven with some of the most gorgeous English Cream Golden Retrievers, thanks to her straight white coat. Her well-mannered attitude pairs amazingly with her eagerness to please her owner.

     Nala at her own abilities was able to sense the smell of pheromones that are produce due a seizure and without any training jumped right in during a seizure and protected her human. She never went through any training to be a service animal it just came natural to her. I believe this is partly the reason why five of her previous pups went on to become Service Animals/ Therapy Dogs. 

     She is very observant with a serious look and gets along fantastically with all animals and humans of any size. She knows how to differentiate between playtime and formal time. She also loves to go for walks, play ball and spend time in the water. If you have a day with all 3 hobbies together you will witness one very happy lady.

     Nala has her Canine Good Citizenship Blue Ribbon from the AKC, Genetically DNA tested in addition she is AKC, OFA and CHIC certified for eyes, heart, elbows and hips.


Oarie Boatley of WinterBriar

      Oarie is a 3 year old English Cream Golden Retriever. She is happy, friendly, and very social. While at the dog park, she often approaches strangers with a bright smile and wagging tail, sitting down in front of them asking for affection. She’s not afraid to make new furry friends wherever she goes.
      On top of her affectionate attitude, she has a natural soft mouth. She has taken treats politely and gently from a young age. Oarie has also been able to express her needs and wants in methods we could understand from the age of a pup. She is very independent, but don’t let that fool you, she is loyal to her owners like a knight to her king, which she will gladly express alongside her phenomenal gait. 
     Oarie is Genetically DNA 
tested for breed specific diseases and AKC OFA certified for elbows, hips, eyes and heart. She is also CHIC certified. She is also proven.


Milady Rivershore of WinterBriar

     Millie is a 2 year old English Cream Golden Retriever and shares some traits with Oarie, like her friendliness, while also being easy to train and well-mannered. She is a very person-oriented dog. She loves affection and attention. Once she chooses you as her “person”, she devotes herself to pleasing you and earning your love. She respects boundaries, is a fast learner, and is easygoing. Millie possesses a very wavy and soft coat, which she isn’t afraid to show off while cuddling with you.
     Millie is also AKC and Genetically DNA tested for breed specific diseases and AKC OFA certified for elbows, hips, eyes and heart. She is also CHIC certified.